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    Is it time for Star Trek: the *next* Next Generation? Some ideas on how to reboot Star Trek for modern TV. http://t.co/qCcw3arLHC

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    Why has it taken this long for someone to market a Star Trek Communicator that hooks up to your mobile phone? http://t.co/6bZ83UPBD5

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    A wi-fi router that looks like the USS Enterprise? Hell, ya! http://t.co/SKhXmefWfe

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    Wrath of Khan is a rehash of the Moby Dick story and it's not the first science fiction movie to borrow from other genres. http://t.co/XQjeQZuUZX

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    The best part about Star Trek? The spaceships! Here is The Wrath of Khan with just ship scenes. http://t.co/a9MM7m89LC

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    I've long thought that Star Trek needed to return to TV as an anthology series. Someone else agrees with me. http://t.co/TJEwFs21gw

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    Love these Spock quotes transformed into motivational posters, although I wish they would be Star Trek images. http://t.co/l0NH9zzOHR

  • Capt. Xerox 12:07 pm on March 2, 2015 Permalink
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    10 Things Mr. Spock Taught Us About Travel http://t.co/ymBQfr8SEl

  • Capt. Xerox 11:16 pm on February 4, 2015 Permalink
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    Admit it. You want to buy that 1978 GMC Custom Star Trek 'boogie' Van for sale in Vancouver. http://t.co/WrAdNpcEH4

  • Capt. Xerox 3:03 pm on January 7, 2015 Permalink
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    Watching all of Star Trek: TNG seem like too much work? Consider viewing just these essential episodes. http://t.co/xg9LAAArAZ

  • Capt. Xerox 12:15 pm on December 15, 2014 Permalink
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    In a monument to nerdiness, Playboy ranks every episode of every Star Trek series. http://t.co/bk5iF3KRDU #scifi

  • Capt. Xerox 8:54 am on November 28, 2014 Permalink
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    Star Trek: The Illogical Fighting Style of James T. Kirk http://t.co/UwwJPAS1bu

  • Capt. Xerox 8:51 pm on October 14, 2014 Permalink
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    Star Trek Fact Check is a blog that aims to debunk Star Trek rumours, specifically concerning the original series. http://t.co/of1R3xncg8

  • Capt. Xerox 3:05 pm on June 17, 2014 Permalink
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    If you're a scifi fan with $35 million to spare and happen to be shopping for a mansion in Florida, then this is for you. http://t.co/1j38HH0qPa

  • Capt. Xerox 11:38 am on June 10, 2014 Permalink
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    Amazingly, Star Trek V didn't kill the franchise. It only made it stronger. http://t.co/VD7ZHA103O

  • Capt. Xerox 12:25 pm on June 5, 2014 Permalink
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    For some fans, stabilizing those shaky scenes from Star Trek explosions and collisions is a continuing mission. http://t.co/iOkrx9ZNTX

    • Lazarus 12:44 pm on June 6, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I don’t get it. What’s the big deal about some shaky scenes? I do like their website that has it’s own shaky effect for the first few seconds. Now that’s cool!

      • Capt. Xerox 1:18 pm on June 6, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        The gimmick is they are stablizing the scenes so you don’t see the camera shaking and are left shots of actors jumping around and falling down.

  • Capt. Xerox 5:57 pm on May 27, 2014 Permalink
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    The writers look back 20 years later on how Star Trek: TNG's incredibly satisfying All Good Things finale was made. http://t.co/z0cMOri9gE

  • Capt. Xerox 10:19 pm on March 25, 2014 Permalink
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    Just when you thought every possible item has been licensed for Star Trek, they come out with Klingon beer. http://t.co/TM7052Wiw6

  • Capt. Xerox 12:39 pm on March 17, 2014 Permalink
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    If you've ever wanted to cook all of the foods mentioned in Star Trek, here's a collection of recipes for you. http://t.co/mGCd1qKsQo

  • Capt. Xerox 12:22 pm on March 14, 2014 Permalink
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    So what do Brahms, Mahler and Beethoven have to do with the original Star Trek theme song? Everything! http://t.co/qHQges6gbz

  • Capt. Xerox 11:28 am on March 12, 2014 Permalink
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    The Golden Ratio is the reason the spaceships in Star Trek look the way they do. http://t.co/06CprsqKFY

  • Capt. Xerox 9:25 pm on March 9, 2014 Permalink
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    The number of Star Trek novels is staggering. This flow chart attempts to make sense of it with a reading order: http://t.co/N6A6J44Jg4

    • Lazarus 11:08 am on March 13, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I don’t know much about ST novels But I think this is only a slice of all the ST novels out there as there isn’t even one book with the word “Vulcan” in it. If nothing else, the late Josepha Sherman burned “Vulcan’s Forge” into my brain.
      I remember when there were NO ST novels at all, and we only had the James Blish episode adapted stories. I even remember when Alan Dean Foster started writing the “Log” books as they were the first fresh and new stories after the show was cancelled. As much as I loved reading the Blish and Foster books, I was never tempted to read any of the other novels.

      • Capt. Xerox 11:32 am on March 13, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        There are supposedly more than 400 Trek novels: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Star_Trek_novels.

        That’s a lot of reading material. That probably even outnumbers the amount of Star Wars novels out there.

        I can only remember reading one Star Trek novel, The Lost Years, which attempts to bridge the gap between the original series and the first motion picture. While looking over that Wikipedia page, I saw that it was actually book one in a “cycle” of four books. Sigh.

        Actually, as I look at the various series available, there look to be some interesting premises in the Trek written universe. With the lack of any new Star Trek stories, the Abrams movies notwithstanding, it It makes me wonder if any of them are actually worth reading

        • Lazarus 12:51 pm on March 14, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Two interesting things I noticed on the Wiki.
          I just learned that the “Log” books were in fact adaptations of the animated series episodes. (I still have never gotten around to watching these.)
          Perusing the book list I was reminded that I do in fact have one of the novels on my shelves, Haldeman’s “World Without End”.
          I also now recall (confess?) that I was given a hardback of the TNG “First Contact” adapted novel as an x-mas gift one year and did read that.

  • Capt. Xerox 12:18 pm on February 14, 2014 Permalink
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    It's a long read, but this treatise on #startrek #economics is worth a look. http://t.co/6z0SSTEhT2

  • Capt. Xerox 5:04 pm on January 3, 2014 Permalink
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    I’m not sure what possessed a councilman in a North Carolina town to pen his resignation letter in Klingon, but he did.

    The mayor’s response? “Live long and prosper.”

    The New York Daily Times has the letter, in the original Klingon, and more details at http://ow.ly/sfRLQ.

  • Capt. Xerox 2:59 pm on December 29, 2013 Permalink
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    How does the Star Trek universe get by without money? Here’s a good explanation of Trekanomics for you. http://ow.ly/s89gw

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