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  • Capt. Xerox 7:41 pm on February 22, 2020 Permalink |
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    I’m officially out of touch with today’s #scifi scene. I just went through the list of 2019 Nebula Awards finalists and the only name I recognized was Ted Chiang’s! https://t.co/cRpE6jxHdS

  • Capt. Xerox 11:34 pm on January 25, 2020 Permalink |
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    Reading about how the Aurora Awards have been fostering #Canada‘s #scifi community for 40 years. Sad to say that I’ve only read 5 of the best novel winners over those decades. https://t.co/uCiaHUYKfc

  • Capt. Xerox 10:06 pm on September 9, 2019 Permalink
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    The John W. Campbell Award is being renamed because he was a racist, apparently. https://t.co/ePFEyB043K

  • Capt. Xerox 4:02 pm on August 26, 2019 Permalink
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    I wasn’t paying attention, but the 2019 Hugo Awards were handed out on the weekend. https://t.co/AshptFHtij

  • Capt. Xerox 9:46 pm on May 20, 2019 Permalink
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    While catching up on the list of 2019 Nebula Award winners, I wondered when I last read a novel that won the award and see it was as recently as 2012. At least it was within the last decade. https://t.co/G0FHGaMX8u

  • Capt. Xerox 12:20 pm on April 14, 2019 Permalink
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    Just reading the list of #Hugo Awards finalists for 2019, but am so out of touch with today’s #scifi that I don’t recognize any of them. I think I’m more in tune with the nominees for the 1944 Retro Hugos. 🙁 https://t.co/ApLxefZCVQ

  • Capt. Xerox 9:23 pm on May 24, 2018 Permalink
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    In case you missed the list of this year’s Nebula winners like I did, then here they are. https://t.co/zffOiGazmQ

  • Capt. Xerox 11:46 am on April 6, 2018 Permalink
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    I can’t remember a time when I was less excited about the release of the list of Hugo Award nominees. https://t.co/yDsgoZxxdT

  • Capt. Xerox 3:17 pm on March 5, 2018 Permalink
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    I was completely wrong about Shape of Water winning the Best Picture Oscar. I guess I was deceived because I thought it so unremarkable.

  • Capt. Xerox 3:17 pm on March 5, 2018 Permalink
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    I have my doubts that ‘The Shape Of Water’ will break the #scifi losing streak for Best Picture #Oscar Sunday night. https://t.co/cmDj65R7En

  • Capt. Xerox 9:48 pm on September 19, 2017 Permalink
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    Lots of people watch the #Emmys, but it turns out most people don’t actually watch Emmy-Nominated Shows. https://t.co/mqvGaDtDGE

  • Capt. Xerox 8:53 am on August 13, 2017 Permalink
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    Just saw that N.K. Jemisin won the Hugo for best novel again. Book one of the trilogy won last year and book two this year. Will book three win next year? Should the award be only given out to standalone books and series be only eligible for the new best series award?https://t.co/x4uzz047wR

    • Capt. Xerox 8:32 pm on August 15, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I couldn’t say as I’m not familiar with the author or the series so am no judge of its quality. Given the shenanigans in recent years over the voting process, it’s hard to know.

      Speaking of Lois, she was able to win the first “best series” award this year which will be a permanent award moving forward. The rule is the series must have a minimum of 3 books and one of them must have been published in the previous year.

    • Lazarus 7:26 pm on August 13, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’m wondering if this is due to the second novel really being “up there” in terms of quality or a fandom large following for the series as could be argued for Lois McMaster Bujold’s Hugo run for the Vorkosigan series way back in the day. Not that they were bad, but “the best”?

  • Capt. Xerox 11:39 am on April 5, 2017 Permalink
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    Just catching up on this year's 2017 Hugo Award Finalists. Looks like those Rabid puppies are still at it. https://t.co/LXM0Ge7zRz

  • Capt. Xerox 9:09 pm on March 7, 2017 Permalink
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    Are you up to date on your Nebula, Bradbury and Norton Awards nominees for 2016? Here they all are. https://t.co/2gNGzmzUiL

  • Capt. Xerox 9:08 pm on March 7, 2017 Permalink
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    Do science fiction movies actually get snubbed at the Oscars? Maybe they just don't win because other movies are better. https://t.co/J3ilo7lNRZ

  • Capt. Xerox 10:26 am on February 15, 2017 Permalink
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    Do you agree with this ranking of the 9 science fiction movies that have been nominated for a Best Picture Oscar? https://t.co/5gQgU6nfrs

    • Lazarus 11:31 am on February 15, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      As you well know, Gattaca should be number 1!

      • Capt. Xerox 1:14 pm on February 15, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        That’s the year that Titanic won for best picture. No way anything was going to beat that movie, although Gattaca did get a nomination that year for art direction.

        The link above looks at sci-fi movies that were actually nominated for best picture and ranks them from worst to best. Not really sure about their rankings, though.

  • Capt. Xerox 2:18 pm on January 26, 2017 Permalink
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    Will The 'Arrival' be the first science fiction film to win the Best Picture Oscar? I wouldn't bet a lot of money on it. https://t.co/4ao0E8VeGo

  • Capt. Xerox 10:59 pm on November 18, 2016 Permalink
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    Arrival is this year's science fiction hope for the Best Picture Oscar, just like The Martian, Interstellar and Gravity were in previous years. https://t.co/roUuLAgTAL

  • Capt. Xerox 1:58 pm on October 21, 2016 Permalink
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    These are the reasons science fiction can't win major literary awards. https://t.co/cQA437Cc1y

  • Capt. Xerox 9:40 pm on September 12, 2016 Permalink
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    In case you haven't noticed, Chinese science fiction novels and stories are growing in popularity and winning awards. https://t.co/NmEH0pWFRh

  • Capt. Xerox 10:07 pm on August 25, 2016 Permalink
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    Here's how the Puppies siege of the Hugos is like Donald Trump's own presidential campaign. https://t.co/IHcRznWxlL

  • Capt. Xerox 9:28 am on August 23, 2016 Permalink
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    Just checking on the list of this year's Hugo Awards winners. As it is the current year, women won big. https://t.co/Pn26LPm3hU

  • Capt. Xerox 10:38 pm on June 8, 2016 Permalink
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    Welcome speculative fiction's latest awards, The Sputniks. Are they aspiring to be the new Hugos? https://t.co/14kbS4wEMi

  • Capt. Xerox 9:09 pm on May 16, 2016 Permalink
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    This year's Nebulas were all won by women. I guess that's what happens when no puppies, sad or rabid, get to vote. https://t.co/3MxofmuFeV

  • Capt. Xerox 11:05 pm on April 26, 2016 Permalink
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    The final nominees for the 2016 Hugo Awards have been named, although not without controversy. https://t.co/jkRGeZeUDz

    • Jeffrey Allan Boman 1:35 pm on April 30, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      There will be more “No Award” ‘wins’ again… sad for those who deserve the nom. The Puppies didn’t get the message, and the PIC didn’t fix the loophole.

      • Lazarus 4:17 pm on May 3, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        I’ve been told that there were changes for the voting rules that were proposed at the last Worldcon, but it takes to consecutive Worldcon sessions to ratify those changes. Not sure what rules changes they requested but I am curious. Trying to get Can-con to hold a panel discussing this but there is some reluctance to discuss, fearing it may turn ugly/political.

    • Lazarus 3:36 pm on April 28, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Ah yes. The Sad Puppies and Rabid puppies are at it again. I think this battle will be around for a while. Sadly, for some authors, getting ‘blessed” by one of these groups puts them between a rock and a hard place when they don’t even agree with the movements backing them. One has already asked to be left off the ballot again this year.

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