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  • Capt. Xerox 4:55 pm on April 24, 2018 Permalink
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    These 11 forgotten #scifi #TV shows are worth a second look and these other 11 are ones that should stay forgotten. https://t.co/LiXzWRSxdl

  • Capt. Xerox 9:49 pm on April 4, 2018 Permalink
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    How many of these 17 forgettable #scifi #movies from the ’00s have you seen? I only scored 6. https://t.co/PtjyUbZPdC

  • Capt. Xerox 9:32 pm on March 28, 2018 Permalink |
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    Love space opera? Here are 55 essential #books from the last 70 years of one of #scifi’s most enduring genres. https://t.co/lIEjd8GDAD

  • Capt. Xerox 8:42 am on March 14, 2018 Permalink |
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    @torbooks has a ridiculously comprehensive list of just about every #scifi, #fantasy and #comicbook #movie and #tv adaptation in the works. https://t.co/f1dHtUZAHN

  • Capt. Xerox 6:57 pm on February 6, 2018 Permalink
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    If you’re in prison, you might have enough time to work through the #books in Locus’ 2017 Recommended Reading List. https://t.co/dDNzYHnbRQ

  • Capt. Xerox 2:38 pm on January 13, 2018 Permalink
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    There’s more to Australian #scifi than Mad Max. Here are 10 more Aussie scifi #movies you need to watch. https://t.co/PPIOk9g2lo

  • Capt. Xerox 2:38 pm on January 13, 2018 Permalink
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    These might be the 15 most anticipated #scifi #movies of the year. https://t.co/eSqITRsEGF

  • Capt. Xerox 10:57 pm on November 20, 2017 Permalink
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    Andy Weir, author of The Martian, lists his 6 favourite #scifi #books. https://t.co/e71mbTNQ7z

  • Capt. Xerox 8:06 pm on September 10, 2017 Permalink
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    Here are 100 of the best #dystopian #scifi #books. Which of your favourites is left off the list? Mine is Wool.

  • Capt. Xerox 10:26 am on February 15, 2017 Permalink
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    Do you agree with this ranking of the 9 science fiction movies that have been nominated for a Best Picture Oscar? https://t.co/5gQgU6nfrs

    • Lazarus 11:31 am on February 15, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      As you well know, Gattaca should be number 1!

      • Capt. Xerox 1:14 pm on February 15, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        That’s the year that Titanic won for best picture. No way anything was going to beat that movie, although Gattaca did get a nomination that year for art direction.

        The link above looks at sci-fi movies that were actually nominated for best picture and ranks them from worst to best. Not really sure about their rankings, though.

  • Capt. Xerox 10:25 am on February 15, 2017 Permalink
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    Someone has bothered to rank the 19 science fiction and fantasy movies of Keanu Reeves. https://t.co/ITYWUvVx8e

  • Capt. Xerox 12:12 pm on December 27, 2016 Permalink
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    How many of the worst science fiction movies of 2016 did you see? I managed to catch none of them. https://t.co/qC2KT7xByC

  • Capt. Xerox 9:00 pm on November 7, 2016 Permalink
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    The Ars Technica science fiction bucket list of 42 movies every geek must see reminded me I still have more to watch. https://t.co/OqlW0nKM0z

    • Jeffrey Allan Boman 2:41 pm on November 26, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I also have 11 to see, likely different from Laz… for instance I’ve seen Bad Taste; it brings new meaning to ‘mowing down zombies’.

    • Lazarus 9:33 pm on November 7, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Still have to watch 11 on that list, but 2 of those I already have waiting on my DVD shelves. Some of the others on the “to see” list (Bad Taste) are movies I’ve been looking for.

  • Capt. Xerox 9:05 am on August 29, 2016 Permalink
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    For your diversity needs, here are 150 Asian speculative fiction authors (with links). https://t.co/bwFkwbbl6c

  • Capt. Xerox 10:27 pm on July 24, 2016 Permalink
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    Here's another list of new science fiction and fantasy to remind me of the hundreds of other books I haven't read yet. https://t.co/fk69d1WBXI

  • Capt. Xerox 5:50 pm on June 1, 2016 Permalink
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    How many of the top 100 books from science fiction’s Radium Age have you read? I scored a paltry 16. https://t.co/lLvoRiJ6UL

  • Capt. Xerox 9:39 pm on May 31, 2016 Permalink
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    Rolling Stone lists its 40 best science fiction TV Shows that will predictably be different than your list. https://t.co/44jk1HiqW9

  • Capt. Xerox 3:20 pm on April 12, 2016 Permalink
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    Looking for something to read? Try any of these 8 amazing British science-fiction novels from the 1950s. https://t.co/mLDQ7Xm1yU

  • Capt. Xerox 3:02 pm on April 12, 2016 Permalink
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    Here are 14 under-rated #scifi TV shows you should binge-watch before they return. First I’ll have to catch up on the last three years of Doctor Who that I haven’t watched yet.https://t.co/wAhRs30PIZ

  • Capt. Xerox 12:05 pm on April 7, 2016 Permalink
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    It's important to hook your kids to science fiction when they're young. Here are recommended books by age. https://t.co/UtF2neOq6u

  • Capt. Xerox 11:23 am on April 5, 2016 Permalink
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    Check out these 11 sci-fi and fantasy books for people who don't like science fiction and fantasy. https://t.co/U3cFYUUGol

  • Capt. Xerox 4:54 pm on April 1, 2016 Permalink
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    19 examples of someone being thrown into the vacuum of space in the movies, ranked from worst to best. https://t.co/jcMyGGGqxD

  • Capt. Xerox 11:46 am on March 10, 2016 Permalink
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    These are the 13 science-fiction movies you can't miss in 2016. https://t.co/QkbtkKhcJt

  • Capt. Xerox 10:51 am on March 4, 2016 Permalink
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    Are these the 39 best science-fiction movie one-liners ever? https://t.co/7qfBh3wjLP

  • Capt. Xerox 9:24 am on February 23, 2016 Permalink
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    Every episode of the #xfiles, ranked. The #list even shares my favourite for #1 so it must be good. https://t.co/GJgkCStJuL

    • Lazarus 1:22 pm on March 16, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I thought more episodes where a shoe-in given how much I loved all the new episodes and the initial positive response, but now I’m hearing mixed messages. The fact that it did not do well in the coveted 18-40 demographic is the biggest stumbling block (damn you gen X, Y, Z’er!). Another problem is scheduling. So I still have hope, but it’s fainting at this point since they really should have formally announced something by now. Crossing fingers…

    • Lazarus 11:05 pm on March 3, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      A good list, but i would change a few things at the top. For myself “Home” just SLIGHTLY edges “Clyde BRuckman…”. “Humbug” and “Musings of a Cigarette Smoking man would be higher on the list.

      Simply loved the 6 shows this year. Still hoping for more!

      • Capt. Xerox 7:11 pm on March 11, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        It’s all subjective. How can you even rank that many episodes? What do you do after the first 100?

        I have only watched two of the new shows, but loved them both and am looking forward to watching the rest. From what I’ve been reading, it sounds like there will be more – eventually.

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