Cool spaceships, Doctor Who and more: Sci-Fi links for 26-09-2011


    • Who’s got time to read top 10 lists? Here’s a top 7 list of the coolest #spaceship designs in #scifi. http://ow.ly/6Ew4q ->
    • RCVR sounds like a promising web #scifi series? Here’s an interview with the director and a link to the first episode. http://ow.ly/6Ew87 ->
    • An amusing essay, from Cracked.com, no less, about how Doctor Who became one man’s religion, figuratively speaking. http://ow.ly/6Ewxu ->
    • Listing the 10 most loveable aliens in #scifi. Tribbles top the list, natch, but not so sure the Ood belong. http://ow.ly/6FBua ->