Oscars are rare for sci-fi, but at least the genre has its own awards


Today was the day that they announced the Academy Awards nominations for motion pictures and, as usual, science fiction films didn't get much attention apart from the obligatory effects and sound awards. It's probably just as well since last year's crop of sci-fi films wasn't particularly great.
Not that genre fans care that much about their favourites always being snubbed for the Oscars. We do have our own awards, after all, especially for books.
For example, there are the Hugo Awards for which nominations are now being accepted. I don't know which books will ultimately end up on the ballot, but other award short lists are often good indicators.
One such list is from the British Science Fiction Association Awards. Their list of nominees was recently released. I have a strong suspicion that China Miéville's Embassytown will make it to this year's Hugos list.
The other big book award, of course, is the Nebula. During that ceremony, the Science Fiction Writers of America also honour one of their own as a grandmaster, which is a sort of honorary title that recognizes an author's distinguished career. This year's grandmaster is none other than Connie Willis who is no stranger to awards, having pretty much set the record for most wins.
Recently, I encountered yet another award designed to celebrate excellence in genre fiction. These prizes are known as The Kitschies and are sponsored by a rum company. I'm not sure where they fit on the spectrum of honours, but it's always nice for authors to be recognized.
Is there any lesser-known award that guides you in your selection of reading material, movie or TV watching?