Locus recommends the best sci-fi reading of 2011


Locus has released its 2011 Sci-Fi Recommended Reading List. It would take me most of 2012 to read even half of it.

Looking over the list, I see that I have read just one of the books and it was only in the category for First Novels. The book was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I do own one of the books recommended as best novel, the one by Vernor Vinge, The Children of the Sky. I also have the anthology Year’s Best SF 16 by David G. Hartwell & Kathryn, but I think I still have numbers 12 through 15 to read first.

And you wonder why some people only read old science fiction books. They just can’t keep up with the new stuff!

If you’re curious to know which books will get Hugo nominations this year, you can be a lot of them will be found in Locus’ list.