Neil Gaiman interviews Stephen King, a novelist I’ve never read. Not sure why. It just never happened. http://t.co/LGF1mtn8


Neil Gaiman interviews Stephen King, a novelist I’ve never read. Not sure why. It just never happened. http://t.co/LGF1mtn8


  1. You have not read any Stephen King at all? You may want to try some. Just finished reading a Mystery novel of his of all things (http://lazaruslair.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/the-colorado-kid-stephen-king-2005/) and also read some Dark Tower fantasy (although I only read some of the graphic installments: http://lazaruslair.wordpress.com/2010/02/24/dark-tower-and-marvel-apes/).

    PS: Con*cept for this year has been canned. (Was going to post it, but there is no way for me to post things here. Only Reply.)

    1. I just never got around to reading any of his stuff. I could offer a long list of other authors who I have never read. It’s just a case of too many books, not enough time.

      One that does interest me is 1963, his recent time-travel novel about the JFK assassination. It’s on my to-read list, but sitting somewhere near #7 or #8, so it could slip further down if other books attract my attention until then.

      Sad to hear that Con*Cept is dead. It’s skipped years before and came back, but I have my doubts that it will survive. A lack of volunteers is their biggest problem and it’s my opinion that volunteerism is something that has been on the wane for some time.

      1. You have a ‘numbered’ to read list? I use the ‘scan the pile and pick up whatever tickles my fancy’ method after I finish a book. (CBIP: The Cryptonomicon, oiy!).

        I should also have pointed out that another notable read of Kings that I liked was “The Running Man”. Science Fiction and nothing like the movie.

        Con*cept is suffering from the lack of planners and department heads, which is a bit more than just same day con volunteers. I hope this is just a bump in the road, but only time will tell. Sad for me especially since I really blew it last year droping out at the last minute. (Do you still have that Fantasia program? I was going to get you lunch for that and still owe you.)

        On a more positive note not only is Can-con doing well but they switched hotel this year and it’s even closer to my home. Not quite walking distance, but just a few minutes by car.

        1. My to-read list is not written down anywhere. It’s more of a mental checklist of the next 10 books I would like to read, but it’s constantly in flux so in reality it probably resembles your own pick up whatever appeals to you at that moment method.

          As for the program, it’s safely stored away for the next time we meet. Perhaps at *this* year’s Fantasia.

          Nice to hear that Can-con is doing well. I imagine it’s not unusual for cons to die out after a period of time when there is no new blood to take over. It’s sort of like succession planning in business. Not all businesses survive their founders’ departure.

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