Harrison Ford steers clear of any controversy surrounding the upcoming Ender’s Game film. http://CNN.com http://ow.ly/ncXZ7


Harrison Ford steers clear of any controversy surrounding the upcoming Ender’s Game film. http://CNN.com  http://ow.ly/ncXZ7 


  1. I don’t know what to say about the Ender’s Game movie anymore. I’ve always tried to separate the art from the artist, especially as I grew up and learned that a lot of famous creators I admired were assholes in real life. Even when I first learned that Orson Scott Card was against same sex marriages (I think it was Thoth that brought it to my attention) he didn’t go out of his way to state his views. So I decided to keep reading the Ender series of books which is certainly a favorite series of mine. But in the last while Card has gone completely off his rocker, going so far as to advocating overthrowing the government over the issue. That’s not the same as just having a different opinion. Now the movie is even a bigger stink. While many are asking for a boycott, even some vocal gays, notably David Gerrold, are saying the boycott is going to hurt a lot more innocent people and may not even impact Scott that much financially as we don’t know if he even get a percentage of the box office or whether he got the proceeds from the sale up front. What to do? Weird as it sounds, if the movie ends up being terrible on it’s own, it’ll be a relief in one sense.

    1. Considering the number of high-profile bombs at the box office recently, I wouldn’t be shocked if this movie was one of them.

      Even if it isn’t, I don’t really care about the personal opinions of the man who wrote the original book that inspired the movie.

      Even if his ideas are reprehensible, he still has the right to express them. Boycott the movie if you like, but I don’t think that is going to stop OSC or his supporters from believing what they believe.

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