The reviews for Prometheus are still all over…


The reviews for Prometheus are still all over the place. One thing can be said for sure is that it is nothing close to the smash it some thought it would be. I was floored by the first trailer and very much wanted to see it. But then the negative reviews started pouring in. The problem is that many of those reviews criticize the movie for not being aligned with the Alien franchise, which is what Ridley Scott said almost from the start. So is it really a bad movie or is not the Alien movie the fans wanted?


  1. I haven’t seen it yet, but hope to see it soon.

    In my experience, when reviews are divided over a science fiction fan, it means that the average moviegoer doesn’t like it because it’s got too much actual science fiction in it and isn’t just a special-effect extravaganza.

    The people who do like it tend to be science fiction fans who appreciate a good story.

    I am hoping that is the case with this film.

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