Worldcon 2017 is going to be interesting…


News coming out of worldcon includes some interesting worldcon bids for 2017. Montreal and Nippon. I sorely regret not going to Japan a few years ago for their worldcon but I may have a that chance again. On the other hand if Japan loses it’ll be another Montreal worldcon. This is what you call a win-win situation.




  1. If the voting was done in the usual manner, I think many people not only voted solely on author recognition, but in this case a pretty cool title as well. I shudder to think what the percentage of voters actually read what they voted for, much less reading all the nominees to make an honest comparative vote.

    Sorry to hear your streak of reading all the nominees was broken. You still read two more than me, if that makes you feel any better. (It should!)

  2. I can’t see myself ever getting to Japan for a Worldcon, but I sure could dig another go at Montreal, but what are the odds that it would be back there so soon?

    Took the time to look up the winners for this year’s Hugo and was a bit surprised to see that Redshirts by John Scalzi had won. I forgot that it was nominated! At least it’s an original story, if not actually that good a book. Not sure why it got so many raves among critics, because it left me cold. I found it a bit too self-conscious. Still, it was a lot more entertaining than Kim Stanley Robinson’s brick, 2312. As for the other nominees, I never got around to reading any of them.

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