I am sure you are thrilled to learn that there is a new website for the Battlefield Earth book.

Just saw that a new website has been set up to promote L. Ron Hubbard book, Battlefield Earth. The news comes from a press release issued by Galaxy Press, a publishing firm set up to promote the works of Hubbard, founder of The Church of Scientology.

I’ve never seen the movie adaptation which, by all accounts, is a waste of celluloid, but I did read the book which is hardly a piece of literature, but was certainly readable if your tastes run to old-fashioned pulp adventure fiction.

I went on to attempt the 10-part Mission Earth series that Hubbard wrote, but gave up after two chapters. It was dreadful, and my standards are pretty low.

If you’re interested, the release is here: http://ow.ly/sJA5K