I am sure you are thrilled to learn that there is a new website for the Battlefield Earth book.


Just saw that a new website has been set up to promote L. Ron Hubbard book, Battlefield Earth. The news comes from a press release issued by Galaxy Press, a publishing firm set up to promote the works of Hubbard, founder of The Church of Scientology.

I’ve never seen the movie adaptation which, by all accounts, is a waste of celluloid, but I did read the book which is hardly a piece of literature, but was certainly readable if your tastes run to old-fashioned pulp adventure fiction.

I went on to attempt the 10-part Mission Earth series that Hubbard wrote, but gave up after two chapters. It was dreadful, and my standards are pretty low.

If you’re interested, the release is here: http://ow.ly/sJA5K


  1. I’ve had the Battlefield Earth DVD sitting on my shelf for more than a year now. I actually came close to plunking it in just a few weeks ago. But I know it’s going to be rough to get through it. One day though…

    1. I am curious to watch it some day to see if it has any redeeming qualities at all. Some movies are so bad they are good, but I think this one is just plain bad.

      1. I too love SOME ‘so bad it’s good’ movies. All this talk about the movie is beginning to sound like a challenge for me to watch it. Hmm..

    1. I took it from my shelf when I went on a trip to the Galapagos because it was the fattest book there and figured it would help pass the time when I needed to read something. I don’t remember the page count, but it was over 1,000 pages so it came in handy when our boat broke down and we were stranded at sea for a day. I might not have read it if I had any other books on hand.

      I managed to power through War and Peace in similar circumstances. I carried it with me on a trip through Brazil and on the long river boat ride from Belem to Manaus without a single English speaker aboard, I immersed myself in the book. While the jungle scenery is beautiful, it starts to get monotonous after the second day.

      Those trips were back in the day before ereaders. Today, I would carry a veritable library of electronic books with me if I was taking the same sort of journey.

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