I have absolutely no memory of the short-lived #scifi show called Salvage-1 which starred Andy Griffith. Do you?


I stumbled across some links today about a 1970s-era science fiction show called Salvage-1 and was a bit surprised that I had never heard anything about it before. It even had a big name star attached to it, Andy Griffith and a goofy premise about a junkman who wanted to fly to the moon to salvage the junk left their by NASA astronauts.

All of the 18 episodes seem to be available on YouTube, including the pilot-movie.

For those of you who are already fans of the show, you surely are regular visitors to this website that is a clearing house on information about Salvage-1:  http://ow.ly/sLIVp



  1. Surprised you missed it. I remember there being an article in an issue of Omni shortly before the TV series. The article was written more in the context of ‘man builds spaceship in backyard’.

    I remember it being a made-for-TV movie first (perhaps even two) and I guess it got enough ratings to get the go ahead for the show. I liked the movie well enough, but I also remember not having much interest in watching a weekly TV show and never even watched one episode.

      1. Yes there are plenty of rocketeers that collect ‘vintage’ kits and I’m sure an oddity like a Salvage 1 kit would be a treasure (for those that remember the show at least). But it’s a damn ugly and inefficient design if you ask me. No interest here.
        When it comes to ‘vintage’ favorites, there are some that Estes have been putting out for decade after decade, sometimes with minor tweaks/improvements. And for some of the more nostalgic kits, they sometimes bring them back into production for a while at least. Kine of like ‘Disney going into the vaults!”.

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