What strikes me most about these 1980 #cosplay photos is how few are imitating existing media characters.


What strikes me most about these 1980 cosplay photos is how few are imitating existing media characters. http://t.co/QXHgkuYhfn


  1. Take out Star Wars and I think you’re left with one Alien and one Star Trek. Love the last pic with Horace Gold and the “Galaxy is Back” pin.

    1. I finally watched Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con documentary last night and didn’t see much in the way of original costumes on display in that film. Everyone was wearing outfits copied from existing media franchises.

      If you’ve never seen the movie before, it’s a pleasant ode to fans everywhere who are passionate about the things they love. What is a nice surprise that it didn’t set out to mock nerds and geeks, but portrayed them as real people who care about the imaginary worlds that are so important to them.

      What it didn’t do was make me every want to step foot at Comic-Con, which looks like too much of a gigantic commercial venture designed to suction money from your wallet.

      1. Hmm, have not seen that Doc. Gotta get it.

        You know, there was a time when Comic Con was about … comics. (snicker)

        It used to bug me that these cons have strayed from comics so much, but I must admit, bundling all things genre has not only expanded the shows, it has made them more feasible and given them new life. Too much success in fact when you see some of the outrageous prices (and I’m not talking about celeb signings and all that, I’m talking entrance!).

        I like a lot of the bundling, but not all. But I must say that when all these different fans come together, they play nice and don’t cross one another. Its just one massive geekfest and you can enjoy yourself if you come for one aspect or many.

        I still go for the comics mainly (really enjoy meeting the artists and writers) but I take it all in.

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