In this article, #scifi authors remember the first sci-fi #books they read. Can you remember yours? I can’t.


In this article, sci-fi authors remember the first genre books they read. Can you remember yours? I can't. http://t.co/SFLHG6ck5k


  1. The Star Beast by Robert Heinlein.

    Now who are these sci-fi authors listing their first reads? All strangers to me.

      1. I had a similar thought. I couldn’t recognize many of the names in the list.

        As for my first sci-fi books, I remember reading a Scholastic title in the 70s called Stranger from the Depths about some kind of amphibious alien that some kids find so that could be my first official science fiction book that I read.

        Around that time, I remember my parents’ friend giving me a stack of SF books, the only titles of which I remember are M33 in Andromeda, an A.E. Van Vogt collection, and Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot.

        The first books I can remember buying were cheap, Airmont editions of The Rim of Space by A. Bertram Chandler, Invaders from Rigel by Fletcher Pratt and Tower of Zanid by L. Sprague de Camp.

        1. I also bought and read Stranger from the Depths!
          This one, right?

          I just checked my database to see if I still had it, but it appears I got rid of it at some point. Can’t remember anything about the story though. It would have been almost at the same time I bought that Heinlein book.

          I also got a Battle for the Planet of the Apes book from Scholastic. (The one where they use a photo from Conquest on the cover. Doh!)

      2. That’s the one and it had that exact cover. I only have vague memories of some kids with an aquatic being, possibly alien, who helped them do something. Vague, but I was maybe 10 or 11 when I read it and that’s a long time ago.

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