Hmm Still cannot comment Even tried different browsers…


Hmm. Still cannot comment. Even tried different browsers. 🙁


  1. When I come to the site fresh (no prelogged in credentials) it takes me directly to the WP dashboard for this blog. So it appears to consider me an admin.
    Navigating to any post of yours does not give me any reply or comment link.
    But I obviously got a reply box for this post which I started myself.
    Note that “Lazarus” is not the ID for my Laz Lair WP blog so it should be getting mixed up due to that blog.
    Head scratching continues.

    1. Had to use a new plugin to allow social login to the site and did a bit of fiddling to enable commenting on at least the most recent posts, but not sure why the ability disappeared.

  2. Not sure what’s happening, but I suspect it’s from when I updated the site to https to avoid being delisted by Google. Odd that you can post directly to the site, but not leave a comment.

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