These 10 modern science fiction shows haven’t aged very well


Don’t let your nostalgia-coloured glasses fool you, but these 10 modern science fiction TV shows haven’t aged very well. One of them on the list is Star Trek: The Next Generation. I tried watching some random episodes with my kids recently and they were laughing at how ridiculous they were. I can’t say that I could blame them. I wasn’t impressed, despite having fond memories of the show during its heyday.

10 Modern Sci-Fi Shows That Have Already Aged Poorly
The modern age of sci-fi TV shows began with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Some are still fresh. Others are showing their age.


  1. I finally watched every episode of TNG last year. Some really good episodes but I had the same blasé feeling for most as I did when it was first on air and the reason I was never fully ‘engaged’ with the show. As for B5, the letdown is the now awfully dated CGI which ironically was so cutting edge at the time. I think the long story arc of B5 still holds and makes it a more engaging show.

    1. I never got into B5 and had a few half-hearted attempts to watch the show, but never got beyond a few episodes. By all accounts, it gets better as the seasons progress, but I didn’t have the patience.

      I actually watched the full run of Star Trek: Voyager for the first time maybe two years ago. I had avoided it all those years because I thought it was the “worst” Star Trek, but I actually found it surprisingly decent. I think if I were to re-watch and Trek series again, I’d probably stick with Deep Space Nine.

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