The Star Trek litverse will end with an epic trilogy


With continuity between the new Star Trek TV shows and the 700 novels of the Trek litverse become increasingly impossible, it’s all coming to an end, at least in its current form, with ‘Coda,’ a trilogy that attempts to give it all an epic ending.

Prelude to a Coda — What You Need to Know Ahead of Star Trek’s Most Epic Novel Trilogy
This week officially kicked off what promises to be the most epic literary trilogy in all the decades of Star Trek’s publishing history… Let’s take that in for a moment. With an estimated 700 franc…


You can buy the Coda books from the Book Depository, where worldwide shipping is free:

Star Trek: Coda Book 1 – Moments Asunder
Star Trek: Coda Book 2 – The Ashes of Tomorrow
Star Trek: Coda Book 3 – Oblivion’s Gate