These images of Communist life in space as…


These images of Communist life in space as imagined by Soviets don't look too different from the Western ones. http://t.co/G1Y8kuFEJb


  1. I remember one of the earlier Omni magazines I read had a feature spread on some Russian artist whose space art just blew me away. Comparable to Chesley Bonestell. I think his name was Sokolov (or something like it) although Google is failing me now. (Looking at the art Google culls for Sokolov looks kinda like the art I recall, but not quite.) May have to dig into that Omni internet archive. Once again I wish I had kept my Omni mags.

      1. Nice find. I also loved Omni and remember buying the first issue when it hit the newsstands and I bought it religiously for many years. Of course, they’re all long gone, although I did buy an issue at a used book store not that long ago because it contained the first published story by William Gibson.

        1. I remember the TV ads announcing the magazine launch! Did not buy the first few issues but when I finally did, I too bought them for years. But I do remember it slowly deteriorating towards the end. But for a while there it was simply amazing. The fiction, the art, the tech, the bios, the ‘weird’, and of course the brain teasers. So many awesome articles I can still recall today.

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